In our office our amazing therapists focus on therapeutic massage and offer a variety of other services



Focused on treating specific musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic pain or limited mobility due to postural imbalances. Therapist integrates various techniques from Swedish, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy, heated bamboo, and stretching where necessary.



Traditional relaxation massage used to relieve stress and tension with calm gentle strokes of light to medium pressure. Unwind your body and mind.



Enhance circulation, increase tissue elasticity, and reduce muscle tension. General massage is performed first and then stretches are applied.
Suggested a few days prior to a sport/race event or post-race/event to inhibit injury



Massage targeted on chronic tension in muscle that lie far below the body’s surface. Slow deep strokes, direct pressure, trigger point therapy and cross fiber friction movements are applied.
*Bearing too much pain during a deep tissue will NOT lead to better results. Your body will actually tense up more. Communicate to your therapist the pressure that is comfortable to you.



Reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and also calm anxiety or depression. Our certified therapists know the proper way to position and support the woman’s body during the massage and how to modify techniques. Client can use our specifically designed pregnancy pillow to lay on their stomach if they choose to.



Incorporates different lengths and diameters of heated bamboo sticks used to roll out your muscles. The heat further relaxes your muscles and allows you to “melt” into a state of deep relaxation. Clients report it helps remove the post-massage soreness the following day.



There are two forms of cupping therapy:
1. Static cupping which typically creates the markings. The marks, not bruises, are the non-circulatory blood being drawn to the surface to be filtered out. It is believed to extract toxins.
2. Slide (Moving) Cupping which is a form of myofascial release. The cups are slid from muscle origin to insertion suctioning the muscle belly. The suction lifts up the superficial fascia and creates more space for the target muscle to relax. Additionally, the pulling of the fascia, helps the muscles become unstuck from one another since fascia is very sticky.



9 Essential oils are used in raindrop therapy. 7 single oils and 2 therapeutic blends. Oils are dripped on your back from a height of 9-12 inches. The oils are gently massage in using a feathering motion. After the oils have been applied, a towel soaked in hot water is applied to the back to drive the oils further into the body.



Client is fully clothed and seated in a traditional massage chair designed to take the weight off of the spine. Head, neck, shoulders, back and arms are massaged using compression, friction, and stretching. Great for clients that are unable to lay on a massage table post surgery or for those that aren’t comfortable undressing for massage.



A Therapeutic massage prescribed by a physician that treats only the part of
the body that the physician prescribes for treatment. The goal is to improve the medical condition diagnosed by a physician. Suggested post surgery to break up scar tissue. Also, recommended pre-surgery to see if targeted massage can help you avoid surgery if the issue is only a pinched nerve or a muscle strain.

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Lymphatic Drainage:
Feather-light rhythmic strokes that help move lymph in the direction of lymphatic flow to reduce or eliminate swelling and remove wastes. Best for those swelling from a recent injury, surgery, or infection. If you’re healthy, lymphatic drainage isn’t likely to improve your health.

Craniosacral Therapy:
Light gentle touch used to release restrictions in the fascia surrounding the central nervous system which facilitates changes in your body systems throughout your body. This is for stubborn problems such as migraines, TMJ, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and more.


30-min massage: $40

60-min massage: $70

90-min massage: $100

Raindrop Therapy: $80

60-min Hot Stone massage: $75

90-min Hot Stone massage: $105

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