New Patient

Whether you are new to chiropractic or new to our clinic, it is our desire to make you feel relaxed and at ease!

Dr Dawn and Dr Scott

Here’s what you can expect:

Sign in at the front desk…and help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee.

Complete initial paperwork….we want to get to know you better. For your convenience you can download the forms from the left side of the webpage and complete prior to your first appointment.

Initial Consultation….a member of our support team will personally sit down with you and go over your health history and gather all pertinent information for the doctor.

Chiropractic Examination….one of our Doctors will complete a comprehensive exam including a computerized health analysis. Using the Insight Millennium they will identify areas in your spine that may have nerve pressure and muscle tension.

X-rays….are often helpful in determining your course of care. Your doctor will discuss with you whether or not x-rays are needed. Please rest assured, x-ray exposure is minimized by:

  • only taking necessary views
  • using up-to-date technology/equipment
  • conducting government inspections of equipment
  • using sensitive, high-speed film
  • using highly accurate, electronic timing
  • using luminescent screens to amplify the image
  • limiting the beam with filters and collimation
  • providing shields to protect sensitive body parts

Discussion….the doctor will review results of your exam and explain the type of adjustment(s) and care that will be provided to you. Our doctors make a point to explain in terms that you can understand – we even have visuals if that suits you better!

Specific Spinal Adjustment….if the results of your examination indicate the need for an adjustment, the doctor will performs a very specific adjustment using their hands.

Home Instructions….following your adjustment, the doctor may give you specific home instructions to follow which will assist the adjustment by allowing your body to start healing. Instructions may include icing instructions or specific neck and back exercises.